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Our mission

At SUPER YUMMYS, we are passionate about healthy and active living.  We believe food is essential to the wellbeing of each individual and has the power to help prevent many of today’s illnesses. But, it also has to taste good.

My increasing exposure to the wonders of Amazon and Tropical food ingredients, through my own Latin American heritage, led me to create wonderful, delicious, healthy and nutritious everyday snacks and treats from these exotic regions.

Our snacks are dedicated to being:

  • Delicious
  • Fun
  • All Natural and Healthy (nothing artificial, minimizing added sugars, sodium,  gluten free and non- GMO)
  • Nutritious (with superfruit and other healthy nutrients)

We are carefully producing our first Coco Yummys line in Manizales,  in the heart of the Colombian coffee region. We are proud to be helping women head of households by manufacturing in a facility that supports women rural employment.

It is a pleasure to share our snacks from the Amazon and Tropics with you.

How we created Super Yummys

Our passions have always been centered on creating delicious food and flavors.

Following his MBA from Columbia University in New York, Doug built his marketing fundamentals at Procter & Gamble and then as President of a healthcare products company.

Doris built on her graduate business education to develop international business experience with major consumer goods companies in Colombia.

We combined our experiences by helping small food companies enter retail distribution across the US. Having seen these results, the Colombian Government contracted us to help prepare Colombian food companies for the US market.

This is how we saw the super food wonders of the Amazon and Tropics and decided to adapt native products to the American taste palate and quality standards.

This required extensive work in consumer market research and reformulating every product. Together with our wonderful co-manufacturers, we incorporated innovative flavors and ingredients ensuring they met the highest quality standards while still maintaining their original enchanting flavors and textures.

This is how COCO YUMMYS and its soon to arrive new products came into being.